Saturday, July 13, 2013

Tips to Write a Winning Scholarship Application

If you want your career scholarship to be accepted, there is one thing you need to consider first: the career path you want to take. The application essay is very important and will definitely help you to stand out and differentiate from the others. Show them you are very motivated and you will be the only person to choose. But how?
Do some research on the field: what are the characteristics, experiences that a person working in that field should have? In order to find out, check out job vacancies on free-classified site, job-searching webs and in specific companies' “careers” section. Keep close attention to skills like problem solving, team working, leadership, etc. and make sure to list them between your personal traits.

Brainstorm: after some research on your career, it’s time to think about yourself, your accomplishments and achievement in school and life, your skills and qualities, your role models. Do not underestimate anything: everything could be important for your essay and can give you a chance to win the scholarship.
Select a topic: read the essay requirements and select a topic to answer the questions you are asked for. Choose a topic that is important for you and that you can support with your personal experiences and skills. To get some ideas, read the essay previous applicants wrote before you start writing yours.
Be original: even though you are asked to answer a question, do not forget to be original and creative. Be yourself and prove them you are different from the other applicants. You want to leave a good impression and be unique.
Focus on writing: write your essay following standard grammar and writing rules. Introductions should make the reader curious about the whole text and make them want to go on and read what you have to say; body paragraphs must relate to the introduction, while the conclusion has to summarize what you have just said: it is the last chance to persuade your reader and convince them to pick you instead of someone else.

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