Monday, July 22, 2013

My Issue with Amazon Ec2, Avoid Them!


      I just have a very bad experience which I wanted to share to you so you can avoid them. Hosting your programs, apps and database is not free, unless you have a tiny program written on python which you can for  sure host with Google Apps Engine.
     i was recently looking for a cloud hosting that will power my apps, I've heard good report on Amazon Ec2 which is a cloud host on vps, and the great news was they are offering  12 months free hosting and the users will be able to pay in hourly basis after the 12 months. I also read the TOS which sounds okay to me so I opted for the service. The service subscription involves using a valid debit/credit card, so I opted for the service ( thanks to GTB Mastercard). From the TOS, $1 was deducted from my found so as to make sure the card is valid.

  Thanks to my linux experience, I was able to handle everything starting from creating an empty instance, just Ubuntu 12.0 LTS, I installed everything (which is relatively small), just Apache web server with PHP and MYSQL database. I installed smf forum which is less than 3mb as I installed the compressed TAR.GZ file.The website/forum was running smoothly,and let me not forget to add that the forum is not consuming any resources because it is relatively new and I am infact using it as just a demo website.
 The main problem arosed after 1 month of using Amazon EC2, despite their promise of  12 months of free hosting, I recieved an alert on my mobile phone that $20 has been deducted from my account, as POS Amazon Inc. I was both angry and surprise that I have to leave everything I was doing to and logged on to my account, here comes the report - $20 has been successfully charged, details - resources usage. Out of annoyiance, I contacted the support to explain what they meant by 'resources usage' and I did not recieved the reply.
  After 3 days, I knew that I am not going to receive any explanation because they have non to give.I was left with no option but to go an cancel my account.
That's my end with AMAZON EC2, I really hope somebody should learn from my experience.

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