Sunday, September 2, 2012

Policeman Shot a Soldier at Lagos

An aggressive policeman who 46JXEGTU4EMS was said to be on an illegal duty shot a soldier who was identified as Lance Corporal Mallam , wounding him severely in the process.

The policeman, who is attached to Ladipo Police Division, was escorting a civilian when the incident occurred.

The policeman identified as Corporal Wedu Abau, with service number: SHC NO: 341012 was armed with AK 46 rifle, with three magazines loaded with 81 rounds of ammunition, opened fire on the soldier after a minor argument.

An eye witnesses said

Lance Corporal Mallam is residing inside the Bonny Cantonment and was returning to the cantonment in an army ambulance when he was caught up in the tragedy. He was in company with his colleagues and was coming from the cemetery, where they had gone to bury a fellow soldier who died on Friday night.He had alighted from the ambulance to control the traffic, to enable a Brigadier General to gain access to the barracks, but was shot in the process.

Another eyewitness gave his own account

All I saw was that the policeman alighted from the blue Toyota Corolla car in which he was riding, with registration number: Lagos EF 20 EKY, and told the soldier that he was going to shoot him. In a split second, he cocked the rifle and shot him twice in his left leg.

And this is a Nigerian policeman who swore to

Serve and to Protect? 

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