Saturday, September 1, 2012

Congrats Anambra an Oil Producing State of Nigeria

Anambra State -  Home for All Light of the Nations is now the latest Nigerian State to join Oil producing States in of Nigeria.

Two friends, Goodluck Jonathan with Peter Obi in the Inauguration of Orient Refinery

It has been know there are Vast reserve of Crude oil in Anambra State and yet it has never being developed by the Federal Governament of Nigeria. I will like to believe that the opening of this Orient Refinery is just like a pregnant woman that will give birth to other children. Anambra State is richly endorsed with mineral resources but it has never being developed.

I will like to say thank you to Peter Obi for finally doing something on his 6th year in the office, thanks to Goodluck Jonathan for making this a reality. The People of Agureli must be very lucky to receive the first attention. This is time for developing Crude Oils and other minerals in other numerous places in the State like Umureli and Nsugbe ( neighbors of Agureli)

Meanwhile -

Kogi State Claim some Anambra Oil Wells

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