Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I Resigned voluntarily - Barth Nnaji

The mush on-air-news on The former Nigerian Minister of Power Barth Nnaji took another turn after he revealed he was not sacked but resigned voluntarily unlike many news from Nigerian Media which suggested he was sacked by his master, the President, Federal Republic of Nigeria - Dr Goodluck Jonathan.
Barth Nnaji, Resigned Voluntarily
Releasing the statement, his Special Adviser on Media, Ogbuagu Anikwe said
 Mr Nnaji had to voluntarily resign the office of Minister to retain his integrity which has in recent days come under attacks by powerful vested interests that were hell bent on messing up the integrity and reputation that he has painstakingly built over the years. “This resignation is also to ensure that there is no spill over of these attacks to the president who is working very hard to transform the nation.
 Ogbuagu Anikwe continued

I would like to reiterate that before I accepted to serve as Minister, I resigned my directorship of all companies that I had interest in and put my shares in those companies in a blind trust; this means that I was not privy to the day-to-day business decisions of those who ran this trust

Meanwhile, The Federal Government has stated that
The resignation of Mr Nnaji as the minister for power will give credibility to the privatisation programme going on in the power sector
 Put the arithmetic together and tell yourself the answer.

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