Monday, August 27, 2012

Al-Qaeda Plans to Attack Nigeria

Al-Qaeda, A World-Class Terrorist group founded by Late Osama Bin Laden is currently plotting a heavy-weight attack on Nigeria.

Inspector General of Police, Mohammed-Dahiru-Abubakar

This was recently revealed Mr. Frank Mba,The Deputy Force Public Relations Officer. He said

That al-Qaeda and similar groups want to attack some certain countries is not new. As security operatives, we treat information at our disposal with uttermost care. We test their veracity and analyse them.
“Here in Nigeria, we stop most of the domestic attacks before they take place. We defuse more bombs than they detonate. We save thousands of lives daily but we do this discretely and quietly.
“More than ever, we have so much support from the international community. We are getting help from both ECOWAS and western countries. We are doing our best with the resources we have and we will continue to do so.
“We have stepped up security everywhere but we won’t disclose how we are doing that and the specifics of our mechanisms.
 “I want to assure Nigerians and the international community that government is irrevocably committed to its mandate of providing adequate security in the country.
Weather they can live up to their threat is yet to be seen. As most Nigerians,I prey they will not attack Nigerian and will fail if they attempt to attack.

So Nigeria is now a testing ground for Terrorist Groups?

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