Thursday, May 3, 2012

John Mikel Obi - My Simple Question


I don't want anybody to misunderstand me, I really don't, I am just curious as a soccer lover who is rather a fan, yeah I prefer watching matches from stand after I understand that everybody will not be a professional football player, yes no matter how one loves the game, there must be spectators to make it exciting, bla bla bla -  looks like  I am babbling . Am I ?

Straight to the point, a fellow Nigerian who is a professional football player that plays for London base football club - Chelsea FC ( who else don't know that Mikel is playing for Chelsea, even one 85 years old friend of mine knows not only Mikel Obi's club is Chelsea FC but also his jersey number which is 12). He plays as a holding midfielder.... Izu who is asking you this? You readers are waiting for your question -  parrot!

Please forgive my confusion, I rather young and ignorant that 'Time is Money'. Enough of all these,here is my question - why has John Mikel Obi sworn he will never score an English Premiere League goal?  Younger Joel Obi recently scored his first League goal in Italian Seri A at Inter Milan.

Even Tim Howard ( Everton Goalkeeper) scored a goal this season.

Mikel, my 'younger' brother please score and save Nigeria from this embarrassment. Please my 'kid' brother

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