Tuesday, May 8, 2012

How to Make Airtel Display HSDPA/HSUPA Only

I will confess I was very disappointed after buying Airtel Modem, install it to my laptop to found it has only Edge it my Location, I was very disappointing remembering how the beutiful sales lady convinced me of the speed, I got her phone number  :)  from a written note because I was in a hurry, sad enough I lost her phone number :( . I wish I still have her number, I was planning to take her out on Sunday so she will explain more on how mush MPS/S I can possibly get with Airtel Modem :D  ...

From the official Airtel Adverts which involves a young man speaking very fast to impede the speech of the service, I was highly disappointed at first but I later found my way to make it show HSDPA / HSUPA only. Here is the settings that I used

In the Tab, Click on 'Tools', I will bring a drop down select 'Options'. See the image below

Click Tools and then click Options from the drop down menu
      Click network and the select WCDMA Only  from the option click apply and the click Ok to exit. See the image below

Choosing Airtel Network

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