Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Bulk Checker

I have seen hardworking people, truly, I have seen many of them. The group that work hardest ( from my own point of view) is the webmasters!
Have a website did not make and cannot make one a webmaster -  you are a webmaster when you master the website that you created which apparently you are controlling. One of my friends once said 'one website cannot make make you a webmaster, it must come in handy', I believe him! Mastering these websites includes checking you websites and then comparing it with many others online, and one toll that comes in mind when it comes to website comparison and ratings is - ALEXA!
Alexa is a simple tool created by American programmer that helps webmasters to
1. Rate their websites to see how good it is
2. Compare their websites with other online to see how good it is
3. Check how good their websites are and how far it goes in terms of competition
4. Know when ones website traffic is rising and falling

To check all these , a simple tool is needed  - Alexa. Checking website page rank can simply be done on but it does not provide a tool for checking bulk domains in a single click, it is simple to check website ranking in alexa page rank through the online tools and softwares


Many websites are designed to help webmasters check their domain ranking in bulk, this is called 'bulk alexa checker'. The following websites is useful in checking bulk website ranking

Xoogie  Bulk Alexa Checker -
This my favorite online Bulk Alexa Checking tool, you can check up to 10 domain names.Domain names should be added per line and should be in a simple format - it will take a while for the page to load and then you can check your website details in alexa by clicking - Check website details ( below the form).This is the fastest Bulk checking tool I have seen so far

Site To Spy Bulk Alexa Checking Tool -
This is a most powerful Alexa online checking I have seen but unlike  Xoogie, it request free member registration before you can check you domains, to register free check this link - 
One special thing about this toll is it can check up to 100 domain names once .
Results for 2 to 50 URLs are saved in CSV format and can be downloaded later.
Results for 51 to 1000 URLs are saved in CSV format and will be sent by Email.

Bulk -
This tool is similar to  Xoogie  Bulk Alexa Checker but unline Xoogie, the www. will be included in the domain name i.e instead of

Firstco Bulk Checker -

Similar to, like Bulk Alexa, it requires . www. added to the domain names. This tool is using IWEBTOOL.COM API to conduct the search. The results will always open in a new window.


Various softwares are programmed with algorithm and is used as Bulk Checker for domain names, this softwares are downloaded online - most of them are free ;

Clever Stats Tool
The software is very useful in checking bulk domains in, the it can be downloaded at 
Note: It have both free and paid version, why not start with the free version

Firefox Plugin

A firefox plugin can also be useful in checking bulk website in alexa, it can be downloaded for free at

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