Thursday, October 27, 2011

Internet Marketing - Start with Google Adsense

 I will first like to apologize for abandoning this blog for such a long time. It has been long since I posted something here.This is due to my commitment in other areas.
This will not be the longest post hence I will like to go straight to the point.
Many people has been asking -  making money online, where do I start? The answers is very simple to me - ADSENSE. Here are the reasons -
Google Adsense is the simplest and straightforward way of making $$$ Online, this is because there is not discrimination on the membership/Affiliates acceptance unlike many affiliate network that do not allow many countries especially Nigerians.
Google Adsense is easy to make money with
There is no extra effort to make sales which exist when Pay Per Sale Affiliates
Payment is simple
There is no affiliate cheating which Clickbank was rumored to be doing

Why not start with Google Adsense by following at

Izu Modebe


  1. Dear Izu, I've tried to register with Google Adsense before but they didnt accept my website. What do i do?

  2. Hey, google did not approve your website because they are now screening everything before approval, this may be due to the quality of your website.Follow this instruction :
    Go to and register , select your niche
    Start posting quality unique contents
    Go to monetize in blogger panel, select google adsense and register with the provided link and you will be approved.
    Hope it helps???


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