Thursday, September 2, 2010

10 Things Americans Likes Most!


I will like to post this article I saw on MSN while I was browsing today, please read this short article carfully and use your Internet Marketing Sence to it, I will like to know how clever you are ...
Below is the Article

Most of the products and ideas showcased here -- stuff we love to buy, sell and otherwise consume -- owe their status in part to aggressive sales tactics, from knocking on doors to strong-arming grocers for the best shelf space. In its most potent and permanent form, however, popularity transcends sales pitches, advertising, fads and maybe even conscious choice.
In these slides, you'll read about the sneakers we wear, the sports cars we covet and the prescription drugs we take. Some of it we legitimately adore. Some makes us scratch our heads. But that's a thing about popularity: Everybody has an opinion, and to some degree we all define ourselves against the mainstream.
Bloomberg Business week's mission is not to judge but to use the best available methodology to determine the winners of the never-ending popularity contest that is the U.S. economy. Your taste may differ. In fact, we'll bet it does.

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