Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Three Tricks To Increse Your Blog Traffic

Blogging is no longer a new trend in Internet Marketing Realm, if you are an internet marketer and yet haven't heard about blogging, sorry, you are as old as great grand Pa ,LOL.So Sir/ Madam, let us stop wasting our time defining "Blogging" Cos this is not a high school class, let us go straight to what we have here - Here is a simple question to answer
Sir I am a blogger though I am not new to blogging but how do I please drive traffic to my Blog? If you also have this question, here are three things you have to know...


Hello, can't you pick your call? Hello, your phone is ringing, can't you pick it up? Thanks for answering my call. I am simply calling to tell you what you must bear in the back of your mind, you might have heard this before but I will like to clear the matter, let me make it sound and clear, you cannot have much traffic in your blog if you don't have many content. The content I mean is not a copied content or crappy content, it must be a unique and quality content, thanks for answering my call, unfortunately, I don't have mush balance in my phone, I will call in the night ( during the free call period).BYE


You have to optimize your blog in major search engines like Google and Yahoo, by doing this, you don't only get traffic but targeted traffic looking for your website. Read many SEO tricks and practice it, avoid many flash elements and Java script in your blog since it makes search engine hate your blog, make sure your blog loads faster, fast loading websites are always Search engine friendly website.

Social Bookmarking:

Yeah, I am correct, social bookmarking! Please don’t ignore some websites like Digg, stunbleupon, reddit and host of others, they are sure to send thousands of traffic to your website if used wisely

Follow these three steps and see heavy traffic flowing on your website and be happy putting some $$$ as reward to your effort and have a Nice time
Izu Modebe


  1. can u pls enlighten me more about seo

  2. i need more on how to build a blog like yours.


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