Thursday, February 4, 2010


I am making this simple post to appologise to my blog readers, you see, yeterday, I make s a fatal mistake. Fatal? Yes fatal! I considers my blog readers first before any other one. I recieved this message from one og my blog readers earlier this mornung , While I was moderating MY FORUM , I recieved a yahoo mail alart and I read it, it says thus
Good Morning Sir,
I am One of your blog reader, I currently subscribed.I seems
you makes a little mistake, You posted on How To make First Clickbank Sales. you
provided the Link of the website which happens to be the Link of the same
post. Please you may need to correct something.

I will like you guys to know how sorry I am, I was to happy to make the post, so in the proccess, I forgot to post the direct Link of the post.

Here is the direct link of the post HOW TO MAKE YOU FIRST CLICKBANK SALE

Note: The mistake have been corrected in the post -

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