Monday, February 8, 2010

How To Exchange (Convert) Paypal Dollar To Naira

Here is a very simple trick on Exchanging (Converting) your Paypal Dollar to Nigerian Naira. To your Nigerian Bank account without any hassle.

You see, In one of my post on this Blog which is Titled "How To Open and Verify Paypal Account In Nigeria" I showed Nigerians simple trick on how to open and verify Paypal account without Opening US Bank account. But Here is the main questions I was asked in the Post HOW DO I NOW CONVERT MY PAYPAL MONEY TO NAIRA. Below is a very simple step to follow in other to convert your Paypal $$ To Nigerian Naira.

Visit This website

In The front page, you will see this option in a drop down form

Spend - Please Select Paypal in the option

Receive - Select Liberty Reserve In the Option

Click Continue

You will see a form that ask you how mush you wants to exchange, Type in your desired amount (Eg, 500) It will automatically show you how mush will receive.
Fill in your Paypal E-mail and Your Liberty Reserve Account Number ( where they will automatically send the fund) and Click continue.

You will be asked to Login to your Paypal Account in other to Authorize the transaction.

After you make the payment, it will automatically send the fund to your Liberty Reserve.

Now Follow this step to Exchange your Liberty Reserve Dollar To Nigerian Naira

Visit this website ( it is owned by a reputable Nigerian, Oyeleke Toye, you can find more about him at . Follow the simple instruction to exchange your Liberty Reserve Dollar To Naira, You are done.

Thanks and have a Nice Day
Izu Modebe.


  1. This is really a very useful post, it reveals an information that is highly sought after by most naija peps

    Great work once again Izu.

    BTW, Added to our community @ How To Exchange (Convert) Paypla Dollar To Naira

  2. u r d man GOD bless u real good.

  3. Great work. Thanks

  4. Onome Maureen says "This post is really eye-opening. I have reproduced it on my Entrepreneur's FREE online forum at with a link
    back here of course". Good job!

  5. what if the paypal is not verified yet can someone still use this method to exchange to Naira?

  6. I don't think you can, the reason is that most paypal merchants only accept verified paypal, do you have $$ in your unverified paypal account, I may be interested in buying it but in one condition, it must not be a USA Paypal account.If it is not, you can contact me.Thanks

  7. I have a paypal account with 19.58, not verified, and non us account, how much are u gonna buy it, my email is, thanks and God bless you

  8. i internet dollar ,i have payooneer mastercard can i use it to verify pay-pal account,from nigeria.

  9. No @ Internet Dollar.You can't

  10. Now that the man who owns libertyreserve has been arrested what next?


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