Monday, April 20, 2009

Three(3) Rules Of Making It in Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is getting popular with time.The trend that started late 1990's was know in early 2000's grow in streghnt in Mid 2000's and is booming towards this late 2000's.Where will it leads tomorrow?Only God Knows!!

Many people are participants of the game while some chooses to be the "spectator" of the trend.
Many have tried but ended up a loser while many are now reaping the fruit of their labour...

Without wasting your time,here are three important rule that will lead to your success in Internet marketing if obeyed
Rule 1
Don't be too wise to jump into the Internet marketing without learning the process.
Many failures are caused by this,you jump into what you don't know.what do you think that will be the result?Failure!Friend Failure!! Friend,there are those that have marked it,you need to know something about it.Hy Foe, Sorry friend (what a great slip of tongue). due just take this
Since 32% of my blog readers are Nigerians,I will use Nigerians that have made it to give you an example
Oyeleke Toye
This My friend Oyeleke Toye is one of my icons that have made it when it comes to Internet marketing in Nigeria.This guy I know don't look like an affiliate marketer.he is known to be the best Gold Currency exchanger-Then E-gold,Now Liberty Reserve.Do you think he came in and jumped inside the trend?Know.He brought out his time and understood what it takes to be a currency exchanger...
Akin Alabi
I was trying to brows through ezine articles,I came to read his post.this guy is not only the best Nigerian with largest articles in his account but also have the best articles.Do you think he just started a day and started making it.Certainly No
Bro,Sis,don't just jump into what you don't know.Start somewhere,learn before you start,bring out your time and check the succeed guys study them and start you own in your own way.I promise if you do this,You will end up a champion!!!
Rule 2
Act!Act!! Act!!!
One of the strongest enemy of an internet marketer is lazyness.An average internet marketer know s what to do but their problem is how to do it.tell me a hardworking internet marketer and I will Show you a successful Internet marketer.Oga,anything you learns today in the world of internet marketing,I will advice you to put it into action.You will surely see the result,I promise you.
Rule 3
I have a very good Friend right in 2003.One,I was still learn how to design websites then runny helter- skelter to know some HTML codes.He called me one day and told me all we are saying about making money online is complete lie and the best way of making money online is Scamming (Yahoo Yahoo).I told him I am not a party to that and we separated.Right know,those that started after him are now very far and he is still thinking a way of playing his dirty game which he have not succeeded either...
Friend, you have read and apply the terms,Please wait,wait must surely leap the fruit of your labour.The worst you you can do to your self is to call yourself a failure were as you haven't fail.
Friends,I believes that this three rules if headed will surely bring success to you
Have a Nice time
Izu Modebe.


  1. thanks guy.
    I've read and understand all ur advice. pls can u cal me or text ur phone number to me on 08030802002, so i can fix appointment for training on how to earn on internet. I am seriously looking for who wiil teach me by holding my hand. pls i dont mind if u can be this person.


  2. Bro, thanks for this post and I feel very honoured to be used as an example here. Not very often does this happen. I am in the process of letting people know how I was able to achieve this modest level of success online. I will contact you with the details.

  3. @ Shola
    Unfortunately,I cannot call or text you-This is my policy due to phone spamming.please accept my apologies.You can still meet me by writing me in through the Blog contact or best still you can join Our new forums- WWW.JOBSNGR.COM

    @ Oyeleke Toye
    Thanks For commenting on My Blog.You are an
    Icon In when it comes to Nigerian Internet Business.I will be happy if you Forward To your Gift.Once again,Thanks.
    @ All,
    Sorry For the text resolution,I am working Toward It.


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