Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Google Adsense-Getting Started

Google Adsense is now well circulated .Almost every webmasters have heard about google Adsense and have the desire of have their websites with the word "ADS BY GOOGLE" making their monthly check thereby...
Here is The bad news,many people have being into Google Adsense for years and have not seen adsense check!This is because the principle of operating a website with google adsense is not followed.Below is simple blueprint of starting and be earning good profit with google adsense.

Research Before You Start
One of deadly mistake a webmaster who wants to making money with google adsense using his/her website is start google adsense "Blindly".You have to understand that there are many competition online especially in making money with google adsense.Please research well before getting started.I will advise you to have one website for a particular niche,This will help you have a targeted nice and targeted advert.Here is Internet Marketing maths
Targeted Niche + Targeted Advert + Targeted Traffic = $$$

Be Faithful

Faithfulness is am important slogan to understand and follow in Google Adsense publishing.Do not make a post in your Website/Blog and think you will be making thousands of dollar overnight.You have to build your niche , be faithful and you will begin to see result with days.Do more Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).Go and learn how to drive targeted traffic to your website.Follow it continually and I promise you to see the result.

Exercise Patience

I also pointed this out in Internet Marketing,it is also applicable in Google Adsense Publishing.You have to be patient,don't call yourself a failure while you have not failed.Google Adsense is not a Get-Rish quick scheme.Give your effort time to bring out the result.Do not follow the Blackhat Adsense Publishers,keep your clean shit and you will see the result.

This instruction I believes if followed will make you a successful Google Adsense publisher and I am sure will put money in your pocket.have a nice time.


  1. Hi.. I recently started a blog
    But the google adsense is awaiting approval sice many days..
    Can i get any suggestion on this aspect??


  2. Good day,
    I love your work, most espercially bcus u are striaght forward. Hence will need your help. I started blogging about a month now, i even subscibe to ADSENSE, but my problem is -- the seach engines are not bringing forth my blogs, that it can be seached by others. pls. how do i go about that.
    finally,are u really making cash from it?

    God will bless u 4 ur info on Paypal.
    Please possibly, u can contact me at

  3. @ krishna kashyap av
    i don't know but I check the link you posted,I was not a valid blogger link.
    But google adsense accepts blogger blogs easily

    @ mcmorgans
    write more uniques articles and see search engines in action.

  4. Hi am the same guy who has posted the first comment.
    Actually was my first blog and I think it was a crap.. But now I have started a must legitimate one.. i.e
    But even in this the ad sense is taking time.. But I think I need to concentrate on the blog rather than adsense..
    So I wish you suggest some ideas to make it a good one..
    And many many thanks for your reaply..

  5. @Krishna Kashyap A V
    Ok I have seen your blog.It looks nice only that the google adsense is showing public service ads.This means you have been approved but your articles are not yet indexed,i will encourage you to look into your blog design.make it to look more professional.Put google adsense ads before and after the post for more click through.You can take a look at a new blog i am designing @

  6. Pls,is there no other way making money rather than google ads on blogs?

  7. danny4all

    there are many other ways like
    Affiliate Marketing
    online writing as in

    and many more.
    Google Adsense is just one of the ways



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