Thursday, February 12, 2009


Hi readers of Internet Cash Blog,I will first of all apologise for not making a post for quite a long time now.This is due to my commitments and my frequent travels...
I Lost My Man
I Lost a very good friend of mine.he has been Mush like a father to me.He died on 4Th December 2008 and was buried on 30 Jan 2009.I spent more than a week in his house and was deeply involved in the the ceremony.He was a very Kind man,gently,soft- spoken and full of jests and strenght.He joined Biarfran Military during the Nigeria-Biafra Civil law of 1967-1970 and shot him way to the rank of Sergent.He was among the seasoned soldiers that invaded Mid-western Nigeria and took it though it latter fell due to tricks of their Division Commander-Late Lt. Col Banjo.He lead a company to took some perts of Benin.I remember he told me on how he collided head to head with Ferret Of federal Troops and lost all his men in it,how he escaped and returned back to Biafra By hijacking three men in Benin who showed him his way.We lost you uncle and your jest and story especially your story on civil war.Good bye jungle warrior.
I Am Not Dating Anyone!
There was gossip toward the End of last year that I was dating a new rising Nigerian Actress from Anambra State.I thought it was a joke in the begging until one of my friends who is an editor of entertainment magazine seriously enquire me and promised to carry out the details of our "Relationship" in their next edition.I spent about 40 minutes convincing my friend that nothing special is going among us.Let us end the matter here,I like the girl,I met her,we exchanged greetings,she decided to know my place,I did not hesitate-Simple.Please if you are a journalist and you don't know what to write,simply close your publications-stop been a rumor monger.
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