Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine

Happy Valentine To You.If you are a reader of Internet cash Blog, then you are my love.You may be saying we have not even met let alone be in love but I will like to extend my E-Love to you.Today 14Th February 2009 is another year of celebrating Love ( valentine ) So I want to come online and say happy val to you all
Izu Modebe
Changed Climate In Onitsha
I can remember in our secondary School days ,we were told that climate is changes in weather over long period of time,say 20 -30 years.I cannot not remember when last there was rainfall in January and February in Onitsha But as I am posting this,weather is treating rainfall in Onitsha.Rain have falling thrice since this year.Many people are worried over it but I know it is Changes in climate.
Before I Forget
I am designing online forum for Nigerians (non Nigerians are welcome)The niche will be Jobs.Online and offline Jobs.Internet marketing and webmastering will be there of cause.I may Launch it on Next week.I will post the update.Subscribe to this Blog if you haven't for the updates.

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