Monday, February 16, 2009

Forex And Nigeria

I personally got to know about Forex in one of business/Entrepreneurship magazine in Nigeria-Success Digest( Now Success Digest Extra)That was in 2003 (If I can still remember clearly).In the magazine,I saw an advert on Forex-Forex Professional Training Price $ 1000, I asked about Forex and it was explained to me.I like the business but Heck-I don't have mush time to be staying on computer for about 10hours a day.Again,I understood then that Nigerian Internet connection is not reliable and one can lose huge amount of money if the connection disconnects.Then Forex ain't rampant in Nigeria,infact many of this 'Forex Gurus' in Nigeria haven't even hear of it. 2007 was a year of forex booming Nigeria,the wave began from Lagos,to PortHarcort,Abuja and the spread throughout Nigeria.Onitsha was not left out in the trend.
From 2007 to today,Nigeria have produced professional Forex lecturers and not treader's.It is true that there are guys that makes money in Forex right here in Nigeria but they are very few.Majority of them are professional Forex teachers and not Traders.I will like to challenge Nigerians that claims to know about everything in Forex to show us the proof of the millions they are making in Forex .
Onitsha is a market but Today have turn Forex Town.I don't even know if secondary school students are still in there schools.I have heard several stories of secondary Schools School students who went to learn forex in Cyber Cafes in Onitsha.One of the most irritating situation here in Onitsha is that many traders have abandoned there goods and are now professors-'Forex Professors'.Make between $300-$500 daily advert is even in kiosk here in Onitsha.Do not be surprise if you come over here in Onitsha,rush in to one of this Shops to buy something and be held to be preached on how to get you trained to be an expert Forex trader...
Forex! Forex!! Forex!!!...May God Help Naija

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