Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Three Things That Will Make Google Ban Your Website/Blog

Many webmasters have been complaining that google is not fair to them,but here is the most fitted word-They are not fair to google.Google is out to help webmaster get targeted traffic to their websites and hence will reward their efforts but will not be kind to help lazy bones who calls themselves Seo Blackhat specialist.Do your things in a right way and you will see the expected result sooner or later.Blackhat SEO may survive for some days but google is gonna find out and guess what?You will be banned.Here are three things that will leads to your website/blog banning by Google

1.Webpage Cloaking:This is simply showing google booters another page from the one you show to human beings.In this process,there is display of masked page.A simple PHP Script can do this and then the Ip Address of google will be added as a cloaked page.This is not only don't in google,it can be also done to yahoo and other search engine booters.This system may work for a few days or at most few weeks but You Know what?Google is gonna introduce another Ip you have not mask and the trick will be actually seen in light,Banning! Banning!!Banning!!!

2.Duplicated Content:This is act of stealing another webmasters content by either copying and pasting or stealing the feeds and then be showing the updates on your website.Apart from being against google rule.It is also variation of copyright which may lands the miscreant in jail.Google hates this and will surely ban a content thief.

3.Auto Generated Content:This an auto generated website which is built with auto content generated script.Example of the script is self growing website.Google bans such website in matter of days.

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