Tuesday, January 6, 2009

SEO Black Hat?It Won't Work!

Many poeple have been trying to full Google.Some Thought that google is so simple to fool about.some alse see Blackhat Seo as the best trick of taking advantage of others to feature their Blog/website and have their advantages against others.I have been telling people,there is nothing that google likes than hornesty.That Google is Rex on search engine is built on a very simple foundation called HORNESTY.
Many SEO "expert" have proved that google can be fooled and one will selfishly make to the top but thanks to the advance technology of google. There are many terms that seo tifs uses in their porpuse put this have never stup for a week before they will be detected and their website be banned by Google.I am writing this simple article to warn anybody that wants to involve in such dirty game to withdraw from hornest with your self,follow the simple term and try to obey every rule,google will sure help you spreading your content to the word.Be warned,to be for warned is to be fore armed.A google banned website have no future.

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