Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Rules Of Blogging

Blogging is simply act of making your opinion known in the internet.Blogging have developed to become on of the key factors on cyberworld. Many people have make a name and have destingiushed themselves in blog world.Among them is Jeremy Shoemeker of and many others.According to,there are millions of bloggers online yet only few are noticed.The reason that ther are few bloggers who are successful is simply ''They Don't Play According To the Rule''.Before a blogger will be successful,there must be some rules to follow in other to be a successful blogger:below are the rules

1.Have A tergeted Niche:Don't Blog About Everything!If you have been reading my blog for a little while now, you might noticen that I have made it clear in several posts- don't blog about every thing!A a jack of all tread is a master of Non!Blogging about everything is one of the most stupid thing to do online.Ok let us take it this way- which products do you want to promote? what is your targeted audience.Do you think that you will sell health product when you get a visitor that is intrested in music.Friend if you are still blogging about everything in a single blog,you are worth slapping and I will advice you to stop fooling youreslf.Why not create a unique blog for any niche you wants to jump into?Eg,I wanted to jump into health niche, so I am creating a blog HealthPoster

2.Choose A Plartform:Here you have to choose and a platform you wants to blog with.The two best platform for blogging is wordpress self host hosting blog at and will host your files).I will advise you to use blogger if you don't know mush about webdesigning and Cpanel operating.UseWordpress if you will like to haot your blog and you are advance webmaster.Successful webnaters uses blogger and file-take it or leave it.

3.Design Your Blog: After you have your bloginstall,up and running,it is advisable you make your blog unique.This can be done through editing your profile.change the file to make your own colour.Even if you use a porpular and saturated theme,you can make it unique by changin the style and other files.if you can't do it,why not hire someone to do it for you? I have done this to two people this year...

4.Do SEO: Next is to optimise your blog in search engine.A blog that is not search engine friendly have no future.It is true that you don't design your blog to search engine but to human beign,optismising your blog in search engine is advisebale.Read More on how you can optimise your blog in search engine using a software HERE

5.Update Regulary : A blog without content is sick whlie a blog without traffic is dead!the secret of blog traffic is content! Content is the Wife,traffic is the King.When the content looks back and old,traffic will divorce her.Give out more content and see your Blog at top.

Thanks for pateintly reading this long post,apply this rule in your blog and see your blog on TOP.

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