Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My 2009 Resolution!

Many people are making their resolution for 2009.The resolution I mean is not-I will marry this 2009,I will build another house 2009,I will buy a Hummer Jeep this year....

The resolution I mean is based on Internet Marketing! 2008 was a good year but I believe 2009 will be better.I was using pepperjamnetwark for last year,i makes a bit money-a average of $95/day,Googls adsense is average of $46/day. Below is my resolution on internet Marketing this yer:

CLICKBANK: After felling uneasy with Paperjam network(Every product I subscribe will be decline in matter of 24 hours,I also experience this with CJ) I decieded to join Clickbank.There are many products to promote there and the beaty is that the average of 75% of each product to promote.My terget in click bank is $350/day,Because of the I opend a health and fitness Blog called HealthPoster .I will be targeting health products.Though there are many competition there,it pays well.

GOOGLE ADSENSE: My target thie year is to be geting $100/day via google adsense.I will be opening a new Nigerian foru for this.

OTHERS:Other earning opportunities like my own product and private adverts will be targeted to be getting $50/day.

My resolution is to be earning $500/day, let me see how far I can go this year

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