Monday, January 12, 2009

Money Making Blog And Google Adsense

I recieved about 5 e-mails form 2nd January - Today.This 5 e-mails are from bloggers that are complaining that they are not making money Via google Adsense.The first hing I ask them is What is Your Niche? To my supprises,there answers are all the same "Making Money online".The second question I asked the to reasure myself is "Are you getting targeted traffic?"
Their answers ae all yes.Now let me simply tell you that you cant make thousands via google adsense if you are blogging on Making Money online.The reason is simply-Your visitors all know about google adsense and are likely to despise your google adsense adverts.Let us take it this way,You will likely click on my adsense adverts and so will I.

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