Sunday, January 11, 2009

Letter From

Please I will Like to first of all Thank you guys that sent me feedback on my blog.I travel and came back this morning,I went straight to church so after service, I checked my e-mail and found some feedback on this blog,some made correction ,some thanked me, some give advice and others requested my assistance in setting their own blog.I will like to thank you all especially those that drop some advice, one of them is Chined of Internet Business Rishes. Thank you Oga Mi.

I will be going back to church meeting in a few minutes but I will like to simply gist you on my conversation wth one affiliate network know ans Eseller. I got to know about them through a product I wanted to promote actually on December 2008.Just like clickbank, I wanted to join the,but alas,Nigeria is not in the form which means Nigerias are not allowed to join them so I decieded to send them The e-mail below

To: eSellerate Sales
Subject: Request.

Hi, my name Is Justice Izuchukwu Modebe,I am a Nigerian internet marketer.It happens I knew about your website today through a company I wanted to market their product as an affiliate.I wanted to register and found out that Nigeria is not in the option(I am a Nigerian) Please is this an error?
Can you please enable Nigeria in the registration option?
I also wanted to apply as a Merchant also.
I will be glad if my request is granted.Waiting to hear from you soon.
Izu Modebe.

After two days They replys me :


Hello. My name is Skip Cronin. I am the Sales Manager with eSellerate. At this point in time, our affiliate system is not open to sign ups from Nigeria. This may be updated in the coming new year but no change is slated prior. I would recommend you check back with us in January to see if that update has occurred.


Skip Cronin
Sales Manager
p. 402.323.6600 x147
f. 402.323.6611

Please is this not a good news?

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