Thursday, January 8, 2009

Highest Google Adsense Earners

Many people still doubt if google adense works.I was recently browsing when I found a story that google adsense is scam to my supprise I found the story in the first page. I decieded to put this together.I researched on google adsense earners based on the porpularity of the webmasters,I am sorry I cannot get anything from both the admin of and
Below is the list of google adsense top earners:

Markus Frind ($320,000
Markus is the admin of He makes at least $10,000/day with his dating website which he coded himself.People were doubting his confessed amout he is making until he showed a check of $900,000 he make via goolgle adsense for two mouths

Kevin Rose ($250,000 per month
Kelvin Invented at late 2004,the man makes average of $250/mounth.He also Makes money from other source ads

Jeremy Schoemaker ( $140,000 per month
MR Shoe (As I proudly calls him) Always like to be called Shoemoney is the father of arbitrage.He have many websites and generates thousands of dollars per mounth.

Jason Calacanis( : $120,000 per month
Janson is the owner of of Weblogs Inc.(It is now sold to AOL at the price $25,000,000).He makes average of $140,ooo/mounth.He have other sources of income with his websites apart from google adsesnese.

David Miles Jr. & Kato Leonard( - $100,000 per month
They makes Average Of $100,000 using their website

Tim Carter( : $30,000 per month

Joel Comm ($24,000 per month
Intert marketing Guru of the century makes about $24,000/mounth

Shawn Hogan( $10,000 per month
Perhaps the most tallented php codder in the world.He is the admin of most porpular internet marketing/webmasters forum in the world.He makes Average of $10,ooo/mounth. He could have been making more than that if his forum is not revenue sharing forum.


  1. Is it true, Can any one earn this much of amount. I can't believe.

  2. If you please, any body revealed the secret of earning this much of money

  3. Fantastic stuff, though I am well aware that these people are all involved in businesses with teams now.

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  5. i av been try to make money on it too, but i cant on my blog .how will i do it too on my blog to attract more traffic on my blog


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