Friday, November 14, 2008

E-Gold Is Sick!

There is a recent discussion in Igoldforum - "If e-gold will survive again".In The Discussion,I voiced my own oppinoin HERE.
The question comes around,Is e-gold alright?
Well No matter what you have to answer,E-gold is sick.The wolrd leading payment proccessor (little behind paypal)Is "passing through a trial period" according to Fadun (a trusted member In Igoldforum).E-gold was born in 1996, it was the leading gold digital currency for about ten years.Many people have been Famus e-gold exchangers in Every country Including Nigeria.One of the Guy is Oyeleke Toye The chairman/Founder Cyberkonsult and the admin of Igoldforum and The owner of goldnairaexchange- he is currently the best e-gold exchanger after his close competitor GoldKobo sadly closed down his exchanging business. E-gold who came out and recieved Nigeria in their close compassionate arm not minding insult of Paypal and Moneybookers to Nigeria got the shock of thier life when US government accuses the of allowing money londering. 2006 was a peak period of e-gold,many companies that fails to recorganise e-gold began to recorganise them.many codders rushed to e-gold and there were many e-gold script available including famous e-gold flash shop-a script for e-gold digital store.Earlier 2008 was the worst period of e-gold,many companies,business organisation,and codders including individuals that have e-gold account began to reject them.E-gold began to deviate in their form.Some affiliate and digital stores cancel e-gold from their payment option.E-gold users began complaing on lossing their account rapidly to harckers no matter the security measures applied.Today,the closest rivals to e-gold-Libertyreserve is now making waves in digital world,they are going to overthrow e-gold in matter of time.Hornestly,E-gold is sick!Here are what contributed to e-gold hard time
1.Harckers: Many people that have e-gold account turned back to egold after losing their account/money many times.These harckers are very skillful that many individuals and organisations points e-gold codders accusing fingers.
2.HYIP: E-gold allow HYIP programmes contributed most to their downfall,many people jst forgot e-gold after losing all their money to so called HYIP Ownners
3.Codders: There are not mush e-gold script and this makes it harder for websmaters to add it as a payment option.Some script that are codded are very expensive to afford.
4.US Government:They are amoung what happens to e-gold today,They have charged e-gold to court several times and this demoralised e-gold.
Horenestly E-gold Is seriously sick and as I am seening,They will Give up it matter of few years.Sad Indeed!


  1. Hi, I love your right up on e-gold. E-gold exchange company is still alive, just that they employed tighter security measure due to the pressure of american gov on their ass. Liberty reserve the the latest route right now, which many of us nigerians are currently using to order things online. I use as my exchange service and they are quite ok. Pls keep giving us good right ups on similar topics. it interesting. kudos.

  2. Welcome Joseph but you have to know that E-gold have lost their Money Laundering case against Icgold so they have lost out, many shops are no longer using e-gold, those that accepts e-gold will charge up to 90% fee so there is future for e-gold.Thanks for visiting my blog.

  3. hey man, nice blog…really like it and added it to bookmarks. keep up with good work


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