Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Adsense And SEO

Many people have been complaining their wooes in google adsense.I once stumbled on an article of a blogger that says he have more than 1,500 uniques visitors but yet makes less than $5/day with google adsense.Many members replied his post,telling him that it is normal while some advsied him on the tips to increase his clicks and earnings in googls adsense.

No matter the reply,$5 in 1,500 unique visit is too poor!

Webmasters have to understand that point Search Engine Optimisation don't only increase the traffic but also The earnings!
Let us go to the pratical
I was searching on Stop Bleeding.The search took me to a well optimised website that have a simple article on how to stop bleeding.After reading the post(really not yet satistfied) I saw an advert from google adsense "Pratical method of stopping bleeding" the probability of clcking the ads is 7:10 because I am still a searcher.
One of the wooes of anywebmaster is not geeting fresh visitors, The regular ones will get used to the website and the ads will be familiar to them,then the Click Through Rate(CTR) will Be very Por

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