Thursday, October 30, 2008

Yahoo Answers-Smart Way Of Getting Backlinks

Yahoo Answers-Smart Way Of getting Backlinks

I have been hearing of yahoo answeres but I don't know it is too serious when the issue of traffic and Pageranking is concern.
Here Is My Story
It was a friend of mine that introduced me to yahoo answers.I logged in and started answering questions been asked by the deserate people.I was answering question s based on internet marketing because it was niche that I was blogging.I added my link after the answers-yahoo allows that! I checked my blog url in search engine and found out that my blog is index in search engine!I tried to check out the backlinks I found out that the backink is No-Follow tagged.Dissapointed-HUH??Please can you follow my story to the end.I was disappointed so I leaved yahoo answers,though I am loosing the instant targeted traffic but I always like to spending my precious time in Do-Follow Blogs,Forums/Websites.I checked back in next few days and found out that my blog have many do-follow backlink which I cannot account for.I checked the link an saw some of questions I answered to be in the websites and my Link was added as the contributor!What happens?Simply,many webmasters are subscribing to yahoo answers feed to be providing feeds to their websites.Here Is one of the websites I found my link

Tips of making most of yahoo answers

1.Answer question to Relates niche,if your blog is about health,go to health cartigories and answer the question there.You will get both targeted traffic and have a higher of chance of getting your Blog subscribed.
2.Do not spam-It is true yahoo dont care about spam answers but you needs to win the best answer and get yuor link subscribed fast and easy!
3.Post your url after the answer use instead of
Good Luck!

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