Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Three Reasons Why Your click Through Rate In Google Adsense Is Poor.

Been an adsense publisher is never a big deal,you will be approved with 24hours from your application-minded you follow their rules and guidelines but the main fact is geting google adsense check!Many Adsense publishers have turned to be the observers of the game while others are the participants.Google adsense is sending millions of checks to her publishers yet some people are just hearing it as one of these old,I mean ancient history.Many webmasters are still making it a wishful thinking while others have 'resigned to the fate'.
As an adsense publisher,You might have heard that traffic matters a lot if you must be a successful publisher but I will like to ad another thing here,the click through rate(CTR) is all about your earning in google adsense. Ok lets check this
You have 1000 visitors and 10 clicks
I have 500 visitors and 20 clicks
I have a question now-who makes more money?Certinly me.If I have got 1000 visitors in daily basis as you are getting,I will be doubling my earnings and yours will be 1/4 of my earnig.
Do you know that this my analysis is possible?Here are Three(3) main factors that leads to Low click through rate in google adsense and the solution.

1.Niche:As I have ealier pointed it out Here,you must be a blind publisher if you are blogging about everything because it is penny wise,pound foolish.Can I ask you,whcih visitors are you targeting?Health surfers?Phone reserchers?Internet Business clients? Who else are your targeting by blogging about everything?Ok lets bring it nearer a health resercher visited your website and google adsense adverts that are showing are abased on music,travel,dating,phones-realy because you blogs on this too.Do you think that ads about all this will attract health surfers?Certainly No!
Solution:Man blog on a particular niche.If you wants to Blog on another niche,what stops you from opening a dedicated blog for it?A dedicated niche will give you the best google adsense advert that is relevant to your content and when the targeted traffic arrives,there is more possibility of click because the advert is relevant to the surfers intrest.Get a dedicated Blog,get a dedicated traffic,get a dedicated advert and the result will be increse in CTR,you will the smile to your bank at the end of the mounth man.

2.Blend The Colour: many surfers simply hates advert and differnt adsense colour from the website will help to irritate them.I wonders the choices of webmasteres if I see differnt page colour for the adsense advert.Some adsense publisheres have simply lost the sense of colour-imagine the webpage backgroung colour is yellow,the google adsense backgroung colour red or page background colour Black while the adcode is Blue.Many reserch have show that a well blended page get more clicks than the diferent site colour from advert colour.
Solution:Blend the theme of your website to be the same with the theme of your advert,this will increase Your CTR(click through rates).Clich HERE for more info on how to blend your ads.

3.Expose Your Ads:I wonder the reasons why some webmasters hides there google ads.I have been telling people,google ads is worth showing.The most likely resons why your click Through Rate(CTR) is always low is you hide your ads.Were have you been hiding your google ads?Man expose it and it will automatically increase your click through rate.
Solution:This is very simple,expose your adse code inside the post were the users are likely to see it and you will see your CTR increase in a flash.
Wainting To Se You At The Apex.


  1. Great tips there Izu, another thing that publisher don't understand is the time factor, it honestly takes some time before a publisher really starts seeing good success with adsense and those are times of hard work and thorough researches.

    By the way, Izu. You might want to try formating the spacing of your posts better, they look a bit clumsy.

  2. Thanks Man,I like your forum,expect me...


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