Friday, September 26, 2008

Things That Will leads To Google Adsense Account Termination

Goole adsense publishers are catigorised into two:
The happy ones and
The Sad Ones
The Happy Ones
They are the groups that knows the google adsense pricliples,they laboured and they are reaping thr fruit of their labour.They have never involve in an for of google adsense black and they are getting the their reward from google adsense-monthly paycheck.people from this group are allover online forums and are giving the testimony og their success.
The sad Ones
They jumped into google adsense venture programmand are probalbly approved.
Their next actions will be seeking for a short uct.blachat of fooling google.they never get away with it and are banned y google-definitly
Things Things That Will leads To account termination
1.Clicking on own ads:this is the most common means of been banned by google,never click your ads.
2.Robot Click: there is a technology introduced called google adsense clicker were by A robot on people's google adsense link.never try this because you must be fished out and be banned
3.Many clicks in the same Ip adress.If google fine out there are many clicks from the same Ip.They will surely ban the users account.
4.Sudden increase in CTR up 50% to will alarm goole guys,they will blacklist your domain name and any suspect leasd to banning.
Since you have know some of this google adsense crime,never commit one or you will regret it later.Regads.

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