Saturday, September 27, 2008

Simple redirect Script

I checked my e-mail address and found this question
How Do I Redirect My Old Url To The New One?

There are many websites that have more than one url,so there is a need to use redirect to redirect all the urls to a single domain name.
Redirecting Urls is not a hard deal,infact it is very easy.Follow the following steps and get your url redirected to intending page.
If you are using Cpanel,it is very simple to do it.Just
1,Login to you Cpanel
2.Click on the domain or addon domains
3.Right there,you will see redirect in every domain or subdomains you have added,Click on it and find your url redirected.
If you happens Not to be using Cpanel 10or 11.Then You need ridirect script.Here is the script
Html Redirect Script

Php Rediirect Script

Just Put the new address @ and see it working in a flash.If you still have a question,please do by adding comments.Regards.


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