Wednesday, September 24, 2008

High Paying Google Adsense Keyword For 2008-1

The fact in google adsense remains that some people makes a very little cents per click whilw others makers handfull of dollars in a matter of few clicks.There have been complaints by some webmasters that they makes a very little cash even after about a hundred clicks while still a few webmasters are giving the testimoney on how they are grabbing their own cash online in a without mush clicks.Do you know the differnet in two of above Google Adsense Publishers?High Paying Keyword!One can grab his own position and begin to earn his needed cash on google adsense if he knows the secrete of google adsense cash which is Google High Paying Keyword.I will give the First ten Highest apid google adsense keyword and the Average CPC(Cost Per Click).

1. Huston Mesothelioma Lawyers $88.09

2. Mesothelioma Lawyers San Diego $87.08

3.New York Mesothelioma Lawyers $73.29

4.Illinois Mesothelioma Lawyers $70.42

5.New York Mesothelioma Attorneys $70.03

6.Mesothelioma Attorneys San Diego $68.04

7.Mesothelioma Law Firms $66.96

8.Mesothelioma Attorneys California $65.60

9.Mesothelioma Attorney Texas $65.21

10.Abestosis Lawyer $62.77

Please I will stop in this 10 for now,I will update it soon and add other high paying google adsense keyword.Since Google adsense CPC fluctuates,I will be researching and giving the updates of high paying google adsense keyword.If you need this High paying keyword delivered to your e-mail address,Then you have to subscribe to our fees,click HERE to subscribe via your e-mail address.


  1. Waoo,as High as $89 per click,one needs to be getting 1 click per day and he is just some miters away from Adsense Millionaire.Thanks for the Post.


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