Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Blogging-An Added Advange To Internet Marketing

It marvels me when I hear some 'Internet Marketing Gurus' saying that Blog is not enough tool for Internet Marketing.What are they calling Blogging?I wonders sometime.Let me ask you-What is Blog?A page you create in social networking websites eg, a Personal Blog created in Myspace?A personal page created in Facebook?A personal Page created in dating website?Sorry,this is not the type of blogging I am talking about.A blog is beyond personal page if it must be the type of blog I am talking about.
What is a blog?A blog is a simple (but very powerful) page,created to assits webmasters in differnt occasions.Blogging have scope.This makes blog to be the webmasters chioce of the moment.Each time a webmater creates a webpage,there is a purpose of the creation of the website-be it a website created for the porpose of incresing mailing list,a store,a news page etc but the best thing here about blogging is that blogging can combine all the porposes of creating websites to be united-simple and powerful!A Blog have an added advantage that makes it to be unique and best choice to webmasters that wants their work to be seen online via search engine, this added advantages are
1.Ability To Be Pinged:It is only blog that can be ping with pinging services.Pinging is act of notifying different update website on the new content added to a blog.On can ping Hundreds of website in just a click.A plus to Blog!
2.Comment:Blog have bring clients closser to the webmasters.Webmasters can now know the heart of the site visitors via comment added to the post page.This will go a long way in giving the webmaster the direction of his/her next post and the most acceptable area to Blog on.
3.Feed:Feed is another thing that introduces the flexibility of bloging.Visitors can subscribe to Blog feeds even Via email address and the blog post will be deliverd directly to ones e-mail adress.Feed enebles blog post to update other websites and ezine subscribers.
4.Simplicity and Affordability:No need to learn codes-Be it Html Codes,Php Codes,Asp Codes,etc.Blogging is very simple to run and a newbie can sure have his way with Blog platforms in matter of hours.Blogging platforms are free-blogger and wordpress,so no need paying for extra money to have a Blog.
Using Blogging For Internte Marketing
Now after listing the added advantage,an internet minded individula can find out that blogging is the 'last bus stop' for internet marketers. Below are the procidures that Bloggers must have to follow if one must be a successful internet marketer by the help of bloging
First Step
Blog on your Niche:Do you know how I judge Bloggers-know internet marketers and non internet market bloggers?Niche!Are you blogging about everthing in your Blog?Sorry you are not a successful internet marketers if your answer is yes.You blog must be lelated to the niche you are good in.Believe me,you cannot be expert in every thing,your have to follow the niche you have an extra knowledge on and start with it.Which product are you promoting as an affiliate?Why not Bolog on the product.I have a bad news for you if you insists to be blogging on everthing,google will find it hard to rank you high in any niche because you are the 'Jack of All tread and The master of none'.You better don't confuse search engines,Blog on a niche,be dedicated in that niche and get ranked by serch engines,fast and easy.
Second Step
Use Feed: I will encourage bloggers to use their feeds to get their feeds and the subscribers.this will increase their blogs visibility and accessibility.You need your feed to be burned at and the get started in a flash.
Third Step
Create A Mailing List:Creating a mailing list is fast and easy.You need to either us getresponse or awber-they are the best mailing list website servers,you can search for free one in search engine if you dont have extra money for awber and getresponse.There I a wordpress plugin that Helps to set up mailing list,use it and set up your ailing list instanly.To get people subscribe your mailing list fast,offer a bonus porpular packege and get people creazy to subscribe to your list.
Final Step

You have all the tools for internet marketing,start posting in your blog-be persistence and systematic and have your Internet marketing campiagn incresed sky-high.


  1. Really Nice Information, i dd like to test this method.

  2. Blessed are you if you hear and do. Sharanyan Have a nice time putting this system to work,I promise you success...


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