6 Addynamo Has Paid Me.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013 Labels:

   This is to encourage any Nigerian Webmaster that has been waiting and searching if ADDYNAMO is legitimate. I made N12,000 in just a week last month, July after I came back from Yenagoa,Bayelsa State and decided to join them. The earning was fast and surprise to me because, apart from Google Adsense, I have never make money that fast in any PPC.

  My earnings were clear and sent to my GTB Bank account. Let me use this medium to say a very big thank you to Addynamo.You guys are doing great. Hoping we will continue doing more business.
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2 Amazon Has Refunded Me

Tuesday, July 23, 2013 Labels:
This is to confirm that I have received a refund from Amazon on their rather confusing charges for their service - Amazon hosting called Amazon EC2. This came when I requested an explanation for such cruel charges (which I received none after 3days and proceed to cancelling my account from their services). I recently blogged on this particular case with them in my most recent post HERE.
I later received a text message on my phone number that my charged has been refunded from Amazon Hosting Services. Let me use this opportunity to thank Amazon for refunding me (at least I am no longer bitter with them).
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0 My Issue with Amazon Ec2, Avoid Them!

Monday, July 22, 2013 Labels:

      I just have a very bad experience which I wanted to share to you so you can avoid them. Hosting your programs, apps and database is not free, unless you have a tiny program written on python which you can for  sure host with Google Apps Engine.
     i was recently looking for a cloud hosting that will power my apps, I've heard good report on Amazon Ec2 which is a cloud host on vps, and the great news was they are offering  12 months free hosting and the users will be able to pay in hourly basis after the 12 months. I also read the TOS which sounds okay to me so I opted for the service. The service subscription involves using a valid debit/credit card, so I opted for the service ( thanks to GTB Mastercard). From the TOS, $1 was deducted from my found so as to make sure the card is valid.

  Thanks to my linux experience, I was able to handle everything starting from creating an empty instance, just Ubuntu 12.0 LTS, I installed everything (which is relatively small), just Apache web server with PHP and MYSQL database. I installed smf forum which is less than 3mb as I installed the compressed TAR.GZ file.The website/forum was running smoothly,and let me not forget to add that the forum is not consuming any resources because it is relatively new and I am infact using it as just a demo website.
 The main problem arosed after 1 month of using Amazon EC2, despite their promise of  12 months of free hosting, I recieved an alert on my mobile phone that $20 has been deducted from my account, as POS Amazon Inc. I was both angry and surprise that I have to leave everything I was doing to and logged on to my account, here comes the report - $20 has been successfully charged, details - resources usage. Out of annoyiance, I contacted the support to explain what they meant by 'resources usage' and I did not recieved the reply.
  After 3 days, I knew that I am not going to receive any explanation because they have non to give.I was left with no option but to go an cancel my account.
That's my end with AMAZON EC2, I really hope somebody should learn from my experience.

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0 Tips to Write a Winning Scholarship Application

Saturday, July 13, 2013 Labels:
If you want your career scholarship to be accepted, there is one thing you need to consider first: the career path you want to take. The application essay is very important and will definitely help you to stand out and differentiate from the others. Show them you are very motivated and you will be the only person to choose. But how?
Do some research on the field: what are the characteristics, experiences that a person working in that field should have? In order to find out, check out job vacancies on free-classified site, job-searching webs and in specific companies' “careers” section. Keep close attention to skills like problem solving, team working, leadership, etc. and make sure to list them between your personal traits.

Brainstorm: after some research on your career, it’s time to think about yourself, your accomplishments and achievement in school and life, your skills and qualities, your role models. Do not underestimate anything: everything could be important for your essay and can give you a chance to win the scholarship.
Select a topic: read the essay requirements and select a topic to answer the questions you are asked for. Choose a topic that is important for you and that you can support with your personal experiences and skills. To get some ideas, read the essay previous applicants wrote before you start writing yours.
Be original: even though you are asked to answer a question, do not forget to be original and creative. Be yourself and prove them you are different from the other applicants. You want to leave a good impression and be unique.
Focus on writing: write your essay following standard grammar and writing rules. Introductions should make the reader curious about the whole text and make them want to go on and read what you have to say; body paragraphs must relate to the introduction, while the conclusion has to summarize what you have just said: it is the last chance to persuade your reader and convince them to pick you instead of someone else.

If you still haven't found the perfect destination for you, check out 2013-14 scholarships for Nigerians online!

Note: This is a Guest Article.
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0 ASUU/ASUP Strikes, Demostrating Students Storms Lagos Roads!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013 Labels:
More than 500 students of polytechnics, universities, and even secondary school leavers, yesterday, protested on the streets of Lagos under a group called The Concerned Citizens Against Education Commercialization, COSATEC.
The peaceful protest is to demostrate displesure of Federal Government’s non-caring  attitude towards the education sector especially in Lagos State.As it is know of a very long strike in Lagos State.

The placard-carrying students barricaded Ikorodu Road at Onipanu area bemoaning their fate as they have been compelled to, yet again, sit at home due to the strike embarked upon by the lecturers.

The protest, however, brought traffic on the ever busy road to a halt as the students danced and played football on the highway.

Comrade Owolade Oluwasijibomi, the Student Union President, Federal Polytechnic Ado Ekiti, said: “We just want to tell the Federal Government that enough is enough. We are tired of them playing with our future. We kept quiet about this for a while because we considered the fact that apart from the Federal Ministry of Education, there are other sectors involved.

However, over 70 days have passed and the situation has not changed. They have taken our gentility for stupidity. And we want to let them know that until they meet the demands of our lecturers, we will continue to constitute a nuisance.”

Chairman of COSATEC, Comrade Usman Oloyede, on his part said:

We are here to throw our weight behind the striking unions in the education sector, and advocate proper funding of the sector, democratic control as well as a conducive learning environment for Nigerian students.

“More protests should be expected. It is going to be a protracted struggle because those involved are ideologically mature. We are even calling on unemployed youths to join us. I do not mince words when I say almost everyone in this country is a victim of this our corrupt political system.

The only people who are exempted are the children of these our leaders. Anytime we complain, they keep on giving us seven point agenda as if we are fools.
Chairman of the Education Rights Campaign, ERC, who joined forces with COSATEC said:

It is another movement by students to insist that the government act speedily and end these strikes. The polytechnic students have been at home since April 29.

A few weeks ago, we heard that the Senate had intervened and that we should expect good news by today. But the situation is still the same.

Hi, Welcome to Nigeria. This is how we do it!

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0 President Goodluck Jonathan and Rotimi Amechi

Almost every Nigerian who have access to news and internet will for sure know the battle between the camp of President of Nigeria, Goodluck Jonathan and the Governor of Rivers State, Rotimi Amechi. The simple case  on the upset between the two camps is simple, who will be the Chairman of Nigerian Governors Forum. As it seems, Goodluck Jonathan for an unknown reason is supporting Governor Jeng of Plateau State to be the Chairman of Nigerian Governors Forum while Governor Rotimi Amechi is contesting for the position. a confirmed report suggested that Gov. Amechi worn the election but was not allowed to be on the position by Goodluck Jonathan camp which includes GEJ, Gov.Jeng and others.
This is not promoting democracy which is currently been professed to be working in Nigeria.
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0 Longest Time?


   Longest time? Let me ask the question first! How are you friends? Hope all is fine? Many readers of this blog have waited in vain for new updates and some have probably moved on.I am sorry for not updating this blog for a very long time now, this is due to some commitments but I believ I will soon overcome it and squeeze out time for creating updates which I have been longing to do for a very long time now.Thanks for all these while, waiting, watching, sighing, sneezing to attract attention and of course calling. Thanks for being my friend. Thanks for being by my side. Thanks for being a reader of This Blog. Thanks for everything.
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